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Christy Snow: Press


It was an absolute pleasure experiencing you in action at our women's retreat here in Eugene. You and Stacey provided such a loving and safe space for everyone to crack open their hearts and experience the Divine.

The combination of your gentle tone of voice, mixed with your insights and use of music break serve to down all previous barriers anyone might be holding.
The main thing that strikes me is how many of the participants are talking about it feeling like "permanent change" and not just "conference high!"
It was wonderful for people to be able to experience the changes - and not just talk about them. This was truly a heart-centered weekend!
Blessings and Love
"Christy could change the world with her songs!"
Les Reynolds - Indie-Music
"Snow's stage presence is riveting. She catches you from 'Hey Ya'll' and doesn't let you go."
~ Pasadena, CA
Pasadena Star
"Christy Snow brings it all together; a unique guitar style incorporating bass slides and percussive sounds, a rich and smooth vocal quality and songwriting that carries you away."
~ Austin, TX
Austin Chronicle
"Christy Snow must have been born with that big happy grin on her face. The North Carolina singer-songwriter charmed the packed listening room with tales of her Southern Baptist upbringing and her acoustic folk/pop music that is both playful and spiritual. That ready smile at full wattage as she relived the memories of each life-embracing lyric. The sweet-tooth-satisfying sensuality of "Sugar Cane" brought whoops of appreciation from the audience. In a spellbinding segue; she went from a traditional Christian hymn to the sultry, smoldering "Baptist Roots," a song that fogged up the floor-to-ceiling windows. Her voice purred between the notes, a silky sound with a rough edge underneath. When she set the guitar aside and played the hypnotic Native American flute, the audience was suddenly riding a wind that echoed down a canyon. She followed the magical interlude by singing, "In my dreams, I can fly." Her listeners were way ahead of her. She then set pulses racing with "Taking Back My Life," igniting the atmosphere with aggressive strumming and ominous vocal delivery."
Jennifer Layton ~ Raleigh, NC - Spectator Magazine
"Powerful folk songs and engaging stage presence."
Floyd, VA - Floyd Press
"Singer/Songwriter Christy Snow has been gaining swift attention as one of North Carolina?s most accomplished folk performers... the singer delves into matters of the heart with a spirit of old-fashioned adventure and cutting-edge insight."
Mountain Xpress - Asheville, NC
"Powerful lyrics and infectious energy."
The Hickory News ~ Hickory, NC
"Her lyrics challenge you to think, encourage you to feel, and open you up to laugh, love, and enjoy life. "
El Paso Scene - El Paso, TX
"Dear Christy,
We can never thank you enough for giving your time and considerable talents to perform for our girls. It was obvious during your performance that the girls loved you and your music. You spoke to their self esteem, their insecurities and securities, their pain, their hearts, their souls, and to their sense of humor! The girls came away from the concert feeling light, happy, empowered and honored that you gave us such a gift. Thank you also for the CDs. They have been listened to and enjoyed many times!
With Love! The Girls Home"
Rock Hill, SC - The Girls Home (Mar 7, 2000)
First off, I must tell you how wonderful you and Renee were on Sunday. Everyone in my church absolutely LOVED you. They just kept asking, "When are they coming back?!" Your music and words were so very inspirational and I do believe that they helped to make our Annual Membership Meeting go very smoothly and lovingly! Anyway, you were terrific and I cannot thank you both enough for the wonderful performance!! Again, thanks for blessing us with your beautiful words and music. You both are an inspiration.
With Love and Blessings,
Vickie Peaire - Creative Arts Director ~ Unity Church of Charleston (Sep 14, 2004)
"Smooth delivery ... powerful lyrics."
Chattanooga Free Press - Chattanooga, TN
"Eclectic and soulful originals."
ESP Magazine - Greensboro, NC
"Influenced by many different styles (she) crafts songs with universal appeal that range from heartfelt ballads to high-energy show stoppers."
Creative Loafing ~ Greenville, SC
"Snow's influences range from blues, to rock to folk, but she integrates those styles into a distinctive voice that's all her own."
Rockford Register Star ~ Rockford, IL
"In spite of her easy manner, her words pack a wallop. Right away, it's easily seen this is a woman of conviction..."
"Well, she stands out, combining acoustic guitar with soulful harmonica... and lyrics that will knock your socks off."
Carrie Hamblen/KRWG Las Cruces, NM
"Snow's powerful lyrics presented with vibrant energy make for an unforgettable performance."
Tanya Jameson - The Charlotte Observer


(Change Is Good is) "A beautiful 14-song CD full of tunes about embracing change, living life on your own terms and in tune with a higher consciousness...Her trademark folksy, warm fluid voice and songwriting anchor this CD, the North Carolina musician has changed a bit -- and it's really good.

For instance: there's a new level of production quality on this one. Multi-instrumentalist Chris Rosser's technical expertise and musical knowledge helped create a clear, clean and entertaining sound.

Renee Leboa, an outstanding vocalist on her own, lent some gorgeous support on a few tunes that turned them into sparkling gems.

And, Christy's own acoustic guitar playing seemed more interesting this time with little nuances and more emotion.

Lyrics are just what you'd expect from Christy, but that's not to say it ever becomes boring. Predictability seems to actually work in her favor -- it's really wonderful to hear someone actually able to explain what it's like to grow spiritually, realize something big and cosmic -- and in everyday language.

There's a richness in these tunes that is real and wonderful."
"She's good, really good. And she does all this through a voice combining the qualities of KD Lang and Natalie Merchant (yes, that's right, and it works!) This North Carolina singer-songwriter is one you could listen to all day. Instrumentally, Christy's second CD is solid and acoustic driven. Lyrically, it's excellent." (Solid Ground)
"Snow's fluid guitar and powerful vocals stand out. Christy, a North Carolina native, sounds, to me, like a southern Ani DiFranco. However, her voice has more range and is more powerful and Christy is more prone to turn a positive message than Ani. Christy also accompanies herself with a bluesy harmonica and has recently added the Native American Flute, which is a welcome change of sound. Her Folk/Pop music always has a message. "Taking Back My Life" is a song she wrote for women who have been abused. "Safe" is autobiographical in the way that she finally quit her day job and ventured onto the road as a full-time singer/songwriter. "Ready to Believe" is an upbeat number about maintaining a positive attitude and simply "expecting" good things to happen. A good start for a new Christy Snow fan would be her "Awake and Alive" album, her most recent live collection. "
Jim Clark - Lee County Courier - Tupelo, MS
"Snow's latest disc, 'Awake & Alive,' amazingly, was recorded in one night at a coffeehouse in Charlotte. Her music is straightforward and straight from the heart. (Her) folk songs range from musings about love and lust, to breaking societal molds... being positive even though things can get difficult."
Colorado Daily ~ Boulder, CO
"Snow?s direct style and energized lyrics in her disc 'Awake & Alive' further her message ? that life is an ongoing adventure to be embraced."
Deborah Dunn - The Charlotte Observer - Charlotte, NC
"Her music comes across as a sum of the influences she has internalized... beautifully sung and played, ?Solid Ground? delivers the missing link between thought and expression while bridging the distance between artist and audience."
Rapid River Eclectic - Asheville, NC
"Remembering the Way by Christy Snow is a treasure trove of beautiful Native American melodies that I find myself using over and over again, primarily because it blends so perfectly with the peaceful atmosphere I strive to create in my yoga studio. This hauntingly beautiful music easily moves the listeners spirit to a more restful and serene state, allowing me to more easily work with a yoga practitioner's breath and body. Christy's wonderful talent has made my job 100% more pleasant, and I recommend this spiritually satisfying CD to everyone! Thanks Christy! "
Sheron McGuire - Certified Yoga Teacher (Sep 15, 2002)
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